Should West students date?

Dianna Nikollbibaj and Ava Duerr

We had Ms. Howe, Luke Zajdel, and Selena Francis answer the same 4 questions about West dating. We got each of their opinions and thoughts about it. 6th-8th graders tend to date in middle school for many different reasons.

The counselor at West, Ms. Howe, gave us her opinion. We asked if she thought if dating affects students’ behavior and education. Ms.Howe replied,” I do think it does because people are more concerned about what kids are thinking about them and they are not concentrating on school”.

We then asked two 7th grade students, Luke Zajdel and Selena Francis, the same question. Luke said “ Yes, because they try to impress their crush and that can cause them to not follow the rules, then that distracts people from working and their education.  Selena stated, “The education no, but the behavior yeah, they are probably going to get into fights about things.”

Some students at West think dating is really annoying, like Selena, she states,” It’s really annoying when someone’s dating your best friend’s ex, so then they are upset and you have to help them.” Other students don’t care. For example, Luke, because he just wants to enjoy having friends and does not want to worry about dating.

Ms. Howe states, “Middle school is not really a time to date, you should concentrate on school”. Luke admitted, “I don’t really care for it, it is pretty stupid because everyone just dates for a week then they break up,” Selena states, “I don’t really think it’s appropriate for middle school because you’re not fully actually dating them and you are a little too young.”  

Some students at West think dating is really annoying, Other students don’t care. We think that age and experience have an effect on your opinion of dating. Everyone has a different opinion. What’s yours?