West needs a Boys Volleyball team!


Logan Sowizral

Luke Zajdel spikes a volleyball in the West gym.

Logan Sowizral and Luke Zajdel

The West Girl’s Volleyball 2019 season is underway. What if we told you that West used to have a boys volleyball team as well? Currently, there are more sports available to female students at West than boy students. Many West male students want a volleyball team!

Female West students can be on the cross country team, the wrestling team, a basketball team, the swim team, track team, and volleyball. There is one extra sport that girls are able to play that boys can’t, and that is volleyball. A large majority of boys at West want a boys volleyball team. 

Mr. Smiley states, “The main reason we don’t have boys volleyball at West is because when boys played volleyball at West, they would play their full season and go on with the school year, so when the 8th grade boys finished their last season in middle school, they would go on to high school and if they had volleyball as their main sport, they wouldn’t be able to play it in high school because it is not a high school sport.” But what if they made a high school boys volleyball team? There are a lot of boys college teams. 

 Mr. Smiley states, “It’s so hard to start a new team because there are not enough facilities and space to practice. So if the boys and girls both play at the same time there will not be enough room. Wrestling works pretty well because the wrestling team can practice in the cafeteria if you just lay out the mats,” Mr. Smiley states.

 Caedmon Whipple, seventh-grader, said, “I would want to be on a volleyball team if we had one.” Caedmon wants a separate boys team, not a coed team.  Lots of boys find volleyball fun and feel like they are missing out.