West Girls’ Basketball is Underway


Basketball in West gym.

Allison Walz and Shea Douglass

The West Girls’ Basketball team held tryouts for 7th and 8th graders on Thursday, January 23. Only 19 athletes made the team. So far, the teams have already had 3 games, B-Team beating East and Pioneer and losing to Discovery. The A-Team lost to Pioneer and Discovery but beat East.

The girls have been working hard on progressing on their skills, but they aren’t the only ones. Their competitors have also been working hard to achieve their own goals. We asked Mr. Wooster, who the rival was last year for the 2019 girls basketball team. “Um, so I would say Pioneer has been our past years rival, similar players and similar tactics.” We also asked Mr. Wooster on how he thinks the season will go. “So this will definitely be a season where we will learn a lot, we have a lot of players that this is their first time playing basketball, so this will definitely be a year of growth.”

We also talked to some of the players on the girl’s west basketball team, Anaka Kotha (8th grader) and Tess O’Donnell (7th grader). We asked both of them why they decided to try out for the team. “Well I’ve been playing basketball for four years I think, and I thought it would just be fun to be on a west team for the sport I like,” O’Donnell states. Kotha agrees, “Well, I have been playing basketball since third grade, so I guess I just wanted to be on the team again.” We asked Kotha what she looked forward to the most in regard to the basketball season, Kotha told us “Winning!”

The Girls’ West Basketball team has five games left before the season ends, and all there practices in-between. We wish the best of luck to the coach and the players on the team when continuing their season.