IKEA Cuisine


A breakfast at IKEA

Lexi Greene and Laila Tanabe

IKEA is known for its furniture, but it is also a pretty popular place to eat. The food served in the IKEA restaurant is Swedish because IKEA is a Swedish company.

So IKEA is a popular place to eat. Why? “It’s very good and it’s reasonably priced,” states seventh-grader Isabel Gillay. Seventh-grader Giorgi Nischik says, “I would recommend it to others because it is very convenient.”

 One of IKEA’s most well-known dish is their meatballs. Nischik states, “My favorite dish would have to be the Swedish meatballs.” Gillay says that her favorite dish is the vegetarian meatballs. Theresa, an employee that has been working at IKEA for fourteen years says that her favorite item on the menu is also the Swedish meatballs and the crepes.

IKEA is constantly busy but what time do most people go there? “That’s a hard one because they come at breakfast for the crepes and then they come at eleven for the meatballs,” states Theresa.

IKEA is not just working to make good furniture or food. On the IKEA website, you can find short articles about things they hope to do or are working towards. For example, one of these short articles is titled Only recycled or renewable-based plastic in IKEA products by 2030.