Th NFL has seen a record number of injuries


Drew Deledda, Reporter

Through 7 weeks of the NFL season there has been a record amount of injuries to NFL players. There has been a lot of leg injuries especially on turf fields. The question is, how do you stop the injuries?

Many of these injuries have been leg injuries. It could be because of the turf fields, according to, players have a 28 percent chance of lower extremity injuries when playing on turf fields.
West 7th grader Dominic Faris said that the way to stop the injuries is to “fix the turf fields.
Another West 7th grader. Andrew Covino’s view on the injuries was, “They have not played in a while, now they are being overworked.”
Perhaps it makes the most sense to replace turf with real grass, it costs less money. Also, it would help prevent some major injuries. I think it would make a lot of players happy and safer.
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