Students and Staff’s opinion on if we should go back to in-person learning


Tyler Regner

2021 is hopefully going to a great year!

Tyler Regner, Reporter

West Students and Staff are puzzled on if they want to go back or not.

WMS Students and staff want to go back to in-person learning but don’t know when or if we will. A quote from Assistant Principal, Ms. Kulczycki says that “I want to go back. I miss seeing all of the students but I don’t have enough power to Control if we go back or Stay virtual.”

Andrew Covinio and WMS 7th grader says that “ Yes we should go back.” He does not like Virtual learning, and he doesn’t know when we will go back.

Students and Staff are starting to get over the Virus and want to get back to normal life.

Another Quote from Assistant Principal Ms. Kulczycki is “We should have to wear a mask and social distance to help stop the spread of Covid-19, and we should get mask breaks as needed.”

Andrew Covino thinks, “ We should Start at 50% Capacity but add students as the Coronavirus starts to stop spreading.” He also thinks that we should have to wear a mask, Social distance, and get breaks in between every class.

WMS students and Staff want to go back but also don’t know when or if we will.