WMS Students Favorite Holiday Food


Cookies coming out of the oven.

Andrew Covino and Alex Wassel, Reporters

This holiday season has many things on the menus whether it is Christmas cookies to side dinner rolls. 31 people took part in choosing what their favorite holiday treat was. 

The survey’s top results were very lopsided. The top 2 seasonal treats are below.

In first place with 18 votes is Christmas cookies!

In second place with 4 votes is Hot chocolate.


WMS 7th Grader Noah Tarquinto said, “My favorite holiday treat is sugar cookies because I just feel like plain cookies don’t really get me feel good but when you add sugar on them it brings out the best in them.”


Another WMS 7th grader Ben Hayes says “I like Ice Cream and apple pie because his grandma makes them homemade and they taste really good.”

You can clearly see that with the data and with Noah’s answer that sugar cookies are the clear favorite.