West students opinions on the West iPhone Policy

Away for the Day iPhone Policy

Away for the Day iPhone Policy

Mackenzie Dicken, Reporter

Recently there was a rule established for PCCS schools to not allow students to have their phones with them during school hours and they would keep their phones in their locker until school was over. But not everyone agreed with this rule, especially the students. Lots of students did not think that this rule was fair.

A survey was sent out to all west students to ask them whether they agreed with the iPhone policy or not. 131 students responded to this survey and there was just a seven vote difference. 69 of those students who took the survey did not agree with the policy and 62 of them did.

Georgia Bird, West 8th grader, stated, “I think it is a good policy for all schools. I feel that if I had my phone in class I would be more concentrated on my phone than on the class. I think the teachers also agree with this policy because it keeps students focused in class, and I think that if a student used their phone in class the teachers would feel like they are being ignored.”

Evelyn Stiglish, West 7th grader, stated, “I do not agree with the West iPhone Policy. I do agree that it has its reasons, and we shouldn’t be playing games or texting friends during class but I think that lots of students, including me, think your iPhone can be useful in class to take notes or to use your calculator if needed. Also, an iPhone can be useful if your parent needs to get a hold of you in the middle of the day to tell you that they will be late.”

There are lots of students that don’t agree with the policy, and they think that your phone would be good to have in school in case of a family emergency, in case there is a school emergency, or maybe if you need to get a hold of someone quickly. 

But there are also lots of students that think the policy is reasonable. If a student had their phone in class they could decrease their social interaction, not pay attention in class, and not do as well in school because they are not paying much attention. It is also very hard to text people or play games on their phones at the same time as doing the school work they have been assigned.

There were lots of students who liked the policy and lots who didn’t but I think we can all agree that if we had our iPhones in class it would not help us in the long run.