Should Schools still have Online snowdays?


A snow day in 2015

Tyler Regner and Drew Deledda

PCCS students think that we should still have online Snow Days this winter. We think it will reduce stress and we will focus better. We interviewed two west 7th graders Kelsey Ruffner and Jack Madzia. They both said we should still have snow days. Jack Madzia said, “ I think we should have snow days because it will help  reduce stress.”

 Kelsey Ruffner remarked, “ I think we should have online snow days.” 

She also said, “Snow days would have a positive effect because We are virtual and It would give us a break from the computer.” Cameron Swearingen a Liberty 7th grader thinks that “We should Still have virtual Snow Days cause it gives kids a break from school.”

 They all think that if Plymouth-Canton Schools have snow days then other districts should because 1. It’s only fair and 2. They also need breaks. It seems like most students would like online snow days. Also, bad weather can affect the internet and make it hard to learn on zoom. Students need breaks from the computer, and this would be a good one!!