Jared Goff Gets Traded to The Detroit Lions


Hassan Radwan

Veeran Dhaliwal throws football outside of West.

Veeran Dhaliwal and Hassan Radwan

Jared Goff got traded to the lions on March 19th. Mathew Stafford will take the place of Jared Goff at the L.A. Rams. This is because the Lions felt that Matthew Stafford was not doing very well, and Jared Goff needed to get away from the Rams.

Mr.Majszak, a  science teacher at West Middle School stated “ I think that if Jared Goff would have a better eye on the field, he will do great with the lions.” According to Mr.Majszak, the lions will make it nowhere near the playoffs, they may have Jared Goff, but their bad coaches and chemistry will stay the same, horrible. Thankfully, Matt Patricia, Detroit lion’s former head coach, has been fired.  Matt Patricia was an assistant on Bill Belichick’s staff from 2004 to 2017 before being the head coach. In Detroit, he won 13 games and lost 29 games, his first win was actually his first game as a head coach! Now, Matt Patricia is the new assistant head coach for the New England Patriots, once again.

 In the NFL’s trading log, the Rams are sending the Lions their first-round picks in 2022 and 2023. This means that in the 2021 draft, they get first-round picks. It will be a permanent pick and not the Rams’ regular third-round pick. The deal processing was delayed a day so the Rams would be held responsible so that they can pay off the 2.5 million dollars for Jared Goff’s contract. That may have made some people think about the Detroit Lions 3rd round pick.