Mrs. Rieboldt Bolts from Tonda and joins West Staff


Journalism Class, Reporters

Mrs. Rieboldt, formerly known as Ms. Maki, is the new counselor at West Middle School for students with the last name L-Z. Mrs. Rieboldt is a very kind and helpful person. Please welcome her into the 2021-2022 school year!   

Mrs. Rieboldt was formerly a varsity dance coach, a therapist for kids with autism, delivered pizzas during the summer and was a former counselor at Tonda Elementary School. Now, she wants to work with middle schoolers. Mrs. Rieboldt also used to live in the U.P. Her reason for moving was simple: “I moved down here so I could get my Master’s Degree in school counseling.” 

Mrs. Rieboldt is dedicated to her job. “There’s not a graduate school in the entire Upper Peninsula that offers students counseling degrees,” she stated, “so if I wanted to get that education, I’d have to move 7 hours away from my family.”Mrs. Rieboldt got her undergraduate degree at Northern University. She majored in psychology but did not know how to use the degree yet. Mrs. Rieboldt decided to take a gap year to find what she wanted to do. During this year, she interviewed many people about their jobs. When interviewing a school counselor, she discovered that the job was the one for her!

Mrs. Rieboltd is a “view chaser” as she lives to call herself. One of her favorite things to do is to go on hikes and bike rides. She especially is fond of watching sunsets. Her new puppy takes up a lot of her time. She loves to train, walk, and cuddle/play with her puppy. An interesting hobby of hers is traveling. One of her goals is to go to every state in the U.S. She really wants to go out of the country because she thinks there are so many gorgeous things out there.