Mr. Menzer, U of M Fan, Marries an MSU Fan


Mr. Menzer and wife Holly get married on October 15, 2021.

Charlie Fuller and Cooper Lehnis

On October 15, one of the greatest accomplishments in life happened for Mr. Menzer. He got married! Mr. Menzer states, “Weather was amazing”. It rained but it was still great. “People say it is good luck when it rains during a wedding”, says Mr. Menzer. He met his lovely wife while playing trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings with his friends. Then he decided to propose, on September 28, 2019. He proposed at Eastern Market in Detroit. 

Some special moments from the wedding were the first dance, the first look, and the vows. The first look is when you and your spouse get to see each other before you get married. Mr. Menzer says that he had butterflies in his stomach up until he saw Holly, then the butterflies went away.

 Mr. Menzer and Holly’s first week together has been amazing. He is excited for the Michigan Wolverines v.s. the Michigan State Spartans football rivalry because he is a Michigan fan and Holly is a Michigan State fan. He says, “We might have to sit in different rooms to watch it” because they would get angry and wild if something good or bad happens in the game. 

We wish Mr. Menzer and his new wife Holly the best of luck!