The Prophecy-Chapter 2


Emma Panetta, Author

Once upon a time, the world was full of darkness. And from this darkness came a girl.  In her hands, she held a lamp.  The embers from the flame went and lodged into the sky and stars became. The girl threw a lump of hot coal into the air and the moon came to be.  The Lantern was thrown into the sky and the sun finally fought the darkness back. The people rejoiced. They tried to make the girl their Queen. But before they could crown her she disappeared. No one knew where she went. But some say that when the greedy king saw how she had gotten rid of his darkness, he threw the girl into a prison that defies all the laws of space and time. For he saw her power and knew it would not be long before she saw the true force behind the darkness. Him. He took the throne and thrust war, famine,  poverty, death onto the people. So that even if the sun continued to rise, the people could only see darkness.  The King had children. And they grew up to rule, then their kids ruled. Until this generation was born. That is the story of our kingdom and all that came to be.”  Mother told us. 

Ollie laughed. “But Mommy, Our King is good and kind, right?”  

Mother’s lips turned up a little. “Of course he is sweetie.” 

Then Ollie fell to the ground. He shook and his eyes fluttered before closing. His body went still. Eyes that glowed with a thousand suns snapped open. “Wonder.Truth.Will be found. One shall perish, one shall prosper. Own. The crown. Gray lamps. Twins. A promise to keep to the end. Truth and wonder,” He chanted. It ended and Ollie was back to his normal self. 



I tied Ollie’s tie and kissed his cheek. “Remember,” I told him. “Just say the prophecy, don’t try to explain it. We both know what it means. We don’t know if we can trust them with the true meaning.” He nodded and walked into the throne room, He never came out. 



A man walked into the courtyard of our house.  I finished getting water from the well. I turned to face the newcomer. “My, My, My, aren’t you the loveliest girl I’ve ever seen. My name is Prince Owen and dare I say that you will one day be my bride.” 

My eyes widened and my face paled. He is the one. “If you think I’m pretty, then you have never met my sister. She is fairer than the moon and more gorgeous than the sun. She shines brighter than the stars.” I needed him to fall in love with my sister. She needed to be safe. 

“Are you sure you did not describe yourself?” He flirts. 

“Come,” I told him. “Meet our very own goddess of beauty. Adele.” 



Prince Owen got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. “I believe I once told you that you would one day be my bride. That day has come,  My darling Evylene, will you be my princess?” 

“No, you will marry my sister. She deserves so much more than this life. And if you are as selfless as stories say, you will grant me my greatest desire.” 

“As you wish, my love.”



“She knows too much.”

“You can’t just put her into the Lantern.”

“I have to, son.”

“But Father, I love her.”

“Love is for fools.”

“I am no fool and I love her.”

“You are better off not getting attached to anyone.”

“Should have told me that sooner.”

“Fine, if you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the people.”

“Fine Father, throw the love of my life in the Lantern.  Just know that when I’m King, no one will remember you or the silly old-fashioned laws you keep.”

“I’m glad you have finally come to your senses.” 

“At least she’ll see him.”

“Don’t get attached to her.” 

“Too late.”

I wake in an unfamiliar garden. I see people all around and a face I never thought I’d see again. . . “Ollie!”