New Year’s Resolutions in 2022 at West

Layla Mouro and Neveen Khatib


Happy New year! It’s finally 2022. A New year means a new beginning. That also means resolutions. Lots of people use the New Year for new beginnings. The most popular New Year’s resolution is to exercise more. New Year’s resolutions started around 4,000 years ago. We asked staff and students some of the New Year’s resolutions they set for themselves.  

“Do better in school,” says 7th grader Joslyn Runyan. Setting a New Year’s resolution is more than most people can say. “To stay positive,” 7th grader Aiko says. Mrs. Davies says that it puts pressure on people to make January a great month. “To try and put my all in my school work,” 7th grader Nataile Basista says, “To read at least 26 books,”

Now to address the hard part of making New Year’s resolutions. Following through on them. “I did follow through on last year’s resolutions,” Josie says, “It was to eat healthier,”.  Why don’t we complete our New Year’s resolutions? It’s from lack of motivation. We forget why we set that as our yearly goal. “As you get older you struggle more because you get busy, for me I was pretty busy,” Natalie says about not completing resoluti=2ons.

Happy new year from everyone at West!