NFL Playoffs


Delaney Fillman

West Students crave a football team.

Henry Kuhns, Reporter

The NFL playoffs have kicked off and some games have been played, including The Cardinals vs the Rams, The Bucs vs The Eagles, and many others. (Scores Below) Most of the games were blowouts (Bills Game), but some went to the very end (49ers game). There were lots of surprise teams for me, such as the Bengals and Raiders, because, in my opinion, they were never that great. There were also some teams that I knew would make it, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bucs. 

“Kyler Murry, the Arizona QB, and I was surprised to see they made the playoffs because he did not do anything at all for me in the fantasy football season. At the beginning of the year, he did OK but then he started tailing off.” States Mr. Smiley, West Principal who likes The Lions, Patriots, and Packers. “I was happily surprised that Matt Stafford’s new team is in the playoffs, the Los Angeles Rams,” reveals Mr. Smiley. Some teams, such as the Buccaneers, Chiefs, and Packers, were no surprise to make the playoffs. “Those were the 3 that I would have bet money at the start of the season” [The games were] Not very exciting at all because most of them were blowouts…”, Decides Mr. Smiley. 

Some exciting games are coming up this week and all football fans cannot wait.


NFL Wildcard Playoff Scores

Rams:34 Cardinals:11

Steelers:21 Chiefs:42

49ers:23 Cowboys:17

Bucs:31 Eagles:15

Patriots:17 Bills:47

Raiders:19 Bengals:26


NFL Div. Round

Bengals vs. Titans

49ers vs. Packers

Rams vs. Bucs

Bills vs. Chiefs