Lebron james first player to receive 30k points

Jason Davis, Lebron james made history 30k points

Lebron James, nicknamed King James, of the LA Lakers, just made major basketball history. Just look at the numbers: 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists. He even passed the great Michael Jordan. 


The only player close to Lebron in points is Kareem Abdul-Jabber. But Lebron has the most points, rebounds and assists which literally puts him past everyone. 


I spoke with Trace Lewis-Heard, a West 7th grader and basketball player, to get his opinion on Lebron James and the historic news. And even though Trace said his favorite NBA player is Isaiah Thomas he still said Lebron was ¨A GOAT¨. ¨He’s making history. He’s carrying the Lakers on his back. He’s been playing for a very long time and he’s gained experience, won a couple championships and played with Kobe Bryant¨ Heard said he’s ¨not surprised¨ Lebron has 30k points because ¨he’s been playing since 2003 and has experience¨ 


Surprising or not, Lebron is making history and he isn’t done yet.