A Potential School Dance at West!?

WMS Bulldog in a dress!

WMS Bulldog in a dress!

Paige Cooper, Reporter

A potential school dance? Why yes, there is a possibility that a school dance could happen at the end of the year. Read more to find out! 

I think that a school dance would be fun and that there should be a dance, but most people would go with friends and not many people with dates. Over half the people that I interviewed have said yes to a school dance.

“That’s a tricky question because yes, I would like West to have a dance, however, though you need to train some people up.” Mr. Smiley, West principal says, “What I mean by that is you need to have a dance in September, a dance in December, a dance in February, and one at the end of the year.”

Meghan Buzuvis states “I said yes because it’s more time to socialize with friends outside of school, and get to see everyone outside of school.” “Also getting to see everyone dress up fancy.” Ryen Mahoney adds on.

“There would only be like five people going to the dance and no one else would go,” Paxton Prosser, West 7th grader states, “Graham what’s your opinion on this?” “Yeah, I agree there shouldn’t be a school dance.” Graham Murphy, West 7th grader agrees with Paxton.

“I think it would be nice because we had one in 6th grade but we haven’t had one since,” Corinne Walling, West 8th grader says. 

“One thing I would like to add is that next year I can see a full calendar of events, including school dances,” Mr. Smiley says.

Well there you have it, a school dance might not happen this year but you can expect some in the 2022/23 year!