NCAA Lacrosse Quarterfinals Capped Off, but With a Unusual Heckler in the Crowd


Maryland Terrapins lacrosse team warming up before their quarterfinal matchup.

Ben Papke, Journalist

“You’re just a sad old man from Rhode Island!… Notre Dame would be making a better game right now!… You’re disappointing the whole ACC conference!” All things you’d hear at a sports game right?

The NCAA lacrosse quarterfinals are done and four teams are set to play the semifinals this weekend, making championship weekend one step closer.

Last Sunday, two games were going on. Delaware vs. Cornell, and Maryland vs. Virginia. The first game was good, but from the start of the Maryland game, some crazy fans came out. The Virginia coach, Lars Tiffany, was getting yelled at left and right by the Terps fans. “Looks like you’re getting a bit upset!” someone shouted.

It was 13-4 Maryland. One of their shots went off the post, causing one of the hecklers to yell, “That’s a goal! Look what you did to us in 2019!” In the 2019 quarterfinals, Virginia’s shot hit the post and was called a goal, causing them to win. For obvious reasons, all of the Maryland fans were sour.

“I would have never done it, but it’s funny to watch,” stated WMS 8th grader Blake Papke, who attended the game.

The four teams advancing to the semifinals are Maryland, Rutgers, Princeton, and Cornell. Blake Papke feels that other teams should be in the semis. “I feel like Penn should’ve beat Rutgers, but I also think that UNC and Duke should have been in the tournament,” Blake said.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see who will get the top spot.