Girls Volleyball & Boys Basketball Tryouts Coming Soon!


Abby Hawkins

2018 W.M.S. Volleyball team after their win against Discovery Middle School.

Many West Students have been preparing for team tryouts. West Volleyball tryouts will be from October 17-20.

West volleyball and Basketball Tryouts will be from October 17-20 in the West gym.  8th graders interested that ARE going on the D.C. trip will try out on October 17. 8th graders that are NOT going on the D.C. trip try out on the 18th.  West 7th graders will try out on October 19 and 20th.

 While interviewing Mr. Wells, he also mentioned middle school sports are great for the whole community because I have an opportunity to teach them [students] academically and out of school which is very good I enjoy it. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years so I like the after-school aspect of it. And I also just like being a part of the whole community. And the kids love it too”. 

“I love how we have the opportunity to work as a team,” Julia Myers, 8th grade West basketball player mentioned.  Myers also added that the team is a great way to grow as an individual player, “I improved on my jump shots and dribbling skills.”

“Meeting new people and getting better,” Ellika Merx, 8th grade West basketball player stated. Merx informed us that the skills she improved in were her ball handling and shooting.

Ethan Echols, 8th grade West basketball player, said,  “What I like about west basketball is the bonding with the team, getting to win with my tea,m and being able to participate in a school sport at West Middle School.” Echols also added that he was able to better his dribbling and shooting.  “Yes, I think West sports is very good. It helps you learn and it’s a fun sport to do with friends. You can learn from other people on the team,” said Echols.