Majszak Towers Over Foley But Foley Has Hope


Carson Burke, Reporter

With the football season almost hitting its mid-season mark these two teachers, Mr. Majszak and Mr. Foley, both had opposite starts to their fantasy football team. Mr.Majszak had an explosive start to the season which made him tied for first place at the time. However, Mr. Foley didn’t have a good start to the season.

Although Mr. Foley has the number one quarterback, Josh Allen, his fantasy team has been bombarded with injuries. He is confident that without the many injuries he would be at a much higher rank. When Mr. Foley was asked who his hidden gem is his response was Breece Hall. Unfortunately, his hidden gem suffered an ACL tear and is out for the season. But the player that surprised everyone including Mr. Foley is Rashod Bateman. He has been putting up points, especially at the start of the season.

On the other hand, Mr. Majszak has had the complete opposite start to his fantasy football season than Mr. Foley had. Mr. Majszak is tied for first place. He believes his team has good depth even though he lost two key running backs. One of his key players is quarterback Lamar Jackson. He also has two wide receivers, Jaylen Waddle and Ja’Marr Chase that are putting up exceptional points. Mr. Majszak’s most underrated player is tight end Dallas Goedert. He has been putting up double-digit points. Mr. Majszak’s prediction for the end of the season’s best player is Ja’Marr Chase.

There is a lot of season left for comebacks to be made or shocking upsets. Even though these two teachers had different starts to their season you never know how it will end.