Glory Days: Mrs.Horvath


Mrs.Horvath in highschool

Jackson Myers, Reporter

Mrs . Horvath played many sports during high school. She was really good at Lacrosse.


Mrs. Horvath went to Salem Highs School. She was on the first-ever girls’ PCCS  lacrosse team. This team was combined of all three high schools: Salem, Plymouth, and Canton. The team name was the PCCS Lady Warriors. The team started her senior year and they were really bad. Mrs.Horvath stated, “We weren’t very good because for many of the players it was their first year [playing lacrosse].”


  Mrs. Horvath’s most memorable moment was the last game of the season. PCCS beat a team that earlier in the season bet them 15-0. “It was the last minute in the game and I was playing center, which is a position that doesn’t even exist in lacrosse anymore. I got possession of the ball and ran it down the field. I saw one of my best friends calling for the ball but I knew she would blow it, so I skipped past her. I went to the corner and passed it right in front of the net, and another teammate slapped it in and we ended up winning the game. “


Overall, Mrs. Horvath enjoyed her lacrosse career and became a lacrosse coach. 


In addition to lacrosse, Mrs. Horvath had a positive experience running cross country and playing soccer as well.