Death Row claims another victim in a fantastic fashion. (Under the lights pt 3)


Lucas Lichtner, Reporter

I arrived at the stadium and walked to my seat and out came a 6’2” 200 pounds 5 stars 2nd best player in the country Bryce Underwood. Underwood is already the best quarterback in the class of 2 He already has 18 scholarship offers and is only a freshman. His Most notable are Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Maryland. Underwood already has one of the most insane highlight reels ever Highlight Reel.

Even though Underwood is the star of this team they have other highly-ranked recruits like Jeremiah Beasly who has 17 D-1 scholarships. Belleville also has various 3 stars which is still an amazing athlete.

With that type of star power on both defence and offence, this was a hard game to consider Catholic Central (CC) a reel contender but it was snowing and 30 degrees outside so anything could have happened. 

Right before when the players were running out of the tunnel they put up a banner. It said welcome to death row which was a kind welcome for CC and all their fans. They broke through the banner and it was game on. 

Both teams had the mindset of running the ball and it will never hurt you but that was not the case. While Belleville could punch it in on their first drive that wasn’t the same for CC. 

CC started off with the ball while they had some chunk plays they couldn’t consistently get yards and ended up punting but got the ball on a muffled punt. This was just one of the plays to keep them in the game. 

Even with these big plays, CC could not capitalise. The Belleville defence stood strong and that is the reason they won the game 33-10. The defence stop strong on every drive and only allowed a high-powered offence to score 10 points and the rest is history.