Mr. Menzer’s Glory Days


Jack Roehl

During Mr. Menzer’s first varsity game in baseball, he hit a home run and ran as fast as he could. “I was running so fast that I missed 2nd base,” Mr. Menzer stated. By the time he got to third base, his coach asked him if he touched second base and he said it was too late now. He got to home base, but the umpire didn’t see it, so it ended up counting for points. Looking back at this memory, Mr. Menzer laughs, although at the time he was upset and took baseball seriously. 

When Mr. Menzer graduated college he started to coach football for one year with a former coach. Mr. Menzer still talks to a lot of his old football coaches and plays fantasy football with some of them. “It’s a lot of fun, we do a lot of trash-talking, and when I go back home to visit Wisconsin I will typically meet up with some of them.”

When Menzer thinks about his glory days, football goes to his mind. When was a junior on homecoming he scored a touchdown? He played as backup quarterback and some wide receiver.