Students Favorite Slurpee Flavor


Elyse Regner , Reporter

Have you ever wondered what student’s and teacher’s favorite Slurpee flavors are?

Norah Perkins, 7th grader, “My favorite Slurpee flavor is blue raspberry. I like blue raspberry the best because it doesn’t taste like other kinds of candies and it’s just different and cool and overall has a good flavor.” Norah also likes to mix flavors together. She likes to mix Pina Colada and Blue Raspberry. Norah Perkins said that when she mixes Blue Rasberry and Pina Colada together it makes a very rare good flavor.

Kaydence Hinkle – “My favorite Slurpee flavor is Cherry, I Don’t know why I like cherry. I just really like the taste of the cherry flavored Slurpee.” When Kaydence goes to 7-Eleven she DOESN’T like to mix her Slurpee flavors together. When Kaydence Tried to mix her Slurpee flavors together for the first time she did not like it at all and will never try it again.

Madelyn Bobby “ My favorite Slurpee flavor is Coke.  I really like Coke so as a Slurpee it is even better than just a can of Coke.” Madelyn Only likes to mix her Slurpee flavors sometimes. When Madelyn mixes her Slurpees she mostly only mixes Coke and Blue Rasberry. Most of the time Madelyn just likes to stick with her one flavor of Slurpee Coke. 

What is your favorite Slurpee flavor? Comment below!