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Simple Solutions to Slow Climate Change

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Global Warming is a big issue in our society. Believe it or not, we are part of the issue of global warming. Even though we could be the cause of this problem, there are many solutions, to this issue.

One solution to this problem is to unplug as many devices that are not in use. Even though that the device might not be plugged in, they still could waste some money and waste electricity. Electronics and plugs still use energy, even when not turned on or plugged in. This could also save your family about $200 a month. (Allyson Shaw-NG Staff, Paragraph 17)

Another solution that will also help end this issue is to reuse and recycle everything possible. Everything that is made in a factory causes carbon dioxide to be released in the atmosphere, which is bad for the air we breathe in a day. You could easily recycle glass and plastic products, which could help save our Earth and release less Carbon dioxide, and harmful gases into the into the air. (Allyson Shaw-NG Staff, Paragraph 15)

The final solution that we chose is to reduce the amount of energy that we use daily. You could wear a warm sweater instead of turning on the heat in winter. Heaters and AC systems let out a lot of carbon dioxide and waste lots of energy. You can even open windows and wear lighter clothing in the summer, so we don’t have to turn the AC on and waste electricity. (Allyson Shaw-NG Staff, Paragraph 20)

To conclude, many of the things that we do every day can harm the air we breathe. Taking these extra precautions when living your day could help save the Earth. Every little thing can help save our friends and families, and people all around the world.

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Simple Solutions to Slow Climate Change