Watch Out for the Nasty List on Instagram!


Nasty list message you could receive on Instagram!

Victoria Tan and Scarlett McMullen

People with Instagram accounts have been getting messaged by friends saying that they’re on the “Nasty List”. If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve received this message. This message can hack your account, and message everyone you’ve followed.

What is the Nasty list? The Nasty list is a message you get from the accounts you follow. A message will be sent to you on Instagram that reads: ” [Account name] who put you on the Nasty List ??? You are already on the top 6 I didn’t vote for you.” Once a user clicks on the message, you are prompted to “login” to what appears to be Instagram, however, it is fake! After a user logins to this fake homepage, your account is hacked and this message is sent to all of your friends. Some users’ passwords were changed after they were hacked. Tia Wilsher, seventh-grader, said “I can still log into the account” after she was hacked. Tia Wilsher also stated,“I didn’t think I was on the [Nasty] list…I clicked on the message because I was very curious.”

Be careful on social media and don’t fall for these Instagram traps!