Gov. Gretchen Whitmer plans to ensure education funds and raise taxes to improve Michigan roads

Gov. Whitmer at Canton High School explaining her budget proposal.

Gov. Whitmer at Canton High School explaining her budget proposal.

Gabriella Runnion, Talia Wassel, and Annabelle Zinski

On Thursday, May 16, Gretchen Whitmer appeared at Canton High School to present her new budget for the State of Michigan. The presentation focused on roads, water, jobs, and most importantly education.

Gov. Whitmer explains how the funds are being spent.

Governor Whitmer has proposed to have a total of 14 billion dollars out of her 60.2 billion dollar fund to go towards school aid. This money will help give classrooms necessary supplies, raise teacher pay, and reduce the number of students in a classroom.

Along with that, Governor Whitmer plans on making a $336 increase per pupil in the Plymouth-Canton District.

Governor Whitmer has other goals to achieve when it comes to education. This involves changing Michigan’s rank in education compared to the rest of the United States. Michigan is ranked -1 in reading growth compared to the rest of the country. Governor Whitmer’s would like Michigan to rank in the top 10.

Her plan to improve education extends to college education as well.  Mrs. Whitmer wants to ensure universal access to community college for kids. She also wants to make a 4-year college degree affordable for low and middle-income students who score a B average in high school.

Governor Whitmer also would like to close the skills gap in adults education, meaning to educate those who haven’t been to college. In order to do this she wants to ensure that adults have a tuition-free pathway to getting a certificate or associate’s degree.

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