West’s new Rules about the Collaboration Station


The sign outside the Collaboration Station.

Teagan Johnston and Marie Grahor

West has new rules about the Collaboration Station this year. It will only be available for students during indoor recess, and no technology will be allowed. This is different from last year because technology (phones and Chromebooks) was allowed, and the Collab was open for outdoor recess as well.

We interviewed Mrs. Kulczycki to find out more about how Collab will be this year. “Our goal is to have students outside breathing fresh air and playing,” Mrs. Kulczycki states. “We felt that the Collaboration Station in the past had been for students who wanted to be on their phones or Chromebooks, and we want to get away from that.

“The 8th graders will have (the Collaboration Station) available once the weather turns bad, and the 6th/7th will have it available during indoor recess only,” Mrs. Kulczycki also explains.

We also interviewed Natalie Yates, a 7th grader at West who enjoys the Collaboration Station. “I think the Collaboration Station passes are good for when the weather is really bad, and snowy. …I think they’re good for just the people with later buses, and an alternative to the library,” She thinks that the library is a better place to do homework and talk with friends, and that Collab is a better place to use Chromebooks.

What do you think? Do you like the new changes to the Collaboration Station? Do you agree with the no-technology policy? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. We’d love to hear what the students at West think about the Collaboration Station!