Cool DIY Phone Cases!


Ryann Zaenglein, Reporter

Sponge Fries:

1: Cut a yellow sponge into strips so that they look like fries.

2: Hot glue a piece of felt that looks like a McDonald’s fry box to the bottom of a phone case.

3: Hot glue the “fries” to the phone case inside the felt fry box.



1: Cut a yellow piece of foam into a circle.

2: heat a clothing iron to 212 degrees F.

3: once the foam has turned into almost a half-sphere, take it off the iron

4:draw an emoji face on the circle with a permanent marker

Jelly light-up ball:

1: Buy a jelly light-up ball with a face.

2: cut the face out of the ball. 

3: put the phone case inside the ball so the screen will show through the hole in the ball

4: cut out a hole for the camera and flashlight. 



1: make a blob with a hole in the center out of hot glue on the case.

2: paint the blob white,

3: Cut the neck off a yellow balloon.

4: fill the round half of the balloon with slime.

5: hot glue the balloon filled with slime to the hole in the blob.