Axolotls are a Critically Endangered Species

Axolotls are endangered species!

Taken from Britannica

Axolotls are endangered species!

Alexis Greene and Laila Tanabe

Axolotls are a critically endangered species of salamander that lives in Mexico. They are endangered due to habitat loss, invasive species, and pollution. They were declared critically endangered in 2006 and are still endangered.

Axolotls have been critically endangered since 2006. “I feel like it’s something we should have taken care of before they were endangered. Like when it was to the point when they were about to be endangered.” Says seventh grader Bella Guerra. There may be some ways we can help the axolotls though.  “Maybe if we stop testing on them it will be better for the axolotl community.” Guerra states.  

Rose, a seventh-grade axolotl owner, states, “To keep axolotls from going extinct we can keep them in a monitored environment and help them repopulate and release them into the wild to a suitable environment.” Besides the fact that we may not see their cute faces again, axolotls going extinct will also have a big impact on the environment. “All animals rely on other animals,” Rose states. “Such as if one goes extinct its predators will starve and then its prey will become overpopulated which are both serious threats.” Both Guerra and Rose say that raising awareness is a good way for a middle schooler to help axolotls and other endangered species. 

The picture in this article is of a leucistic axolotl. Leucistic axolotls have a light pink body and darker gills. The fern-like things on their heads are actually their gills. The wild type axolotls are brown and have black speckling. There are also albino axolotls that are similar to leucistic but they are completely white rather than light pink and have pink-red eyes. 

Here are some additional facts about axolotls:

  • They are roughly the size of a teacup usually but can get up to a foot in length.
  • They have a lifespan of about 15 years
  • Axolotls have a strong regenerative ability                                                                                            

Axolotls are a cool and diverse species. It would be so horrible if they went extinct. We should be more aware of how our actions are affecting species and work harder to make sure that species are safe and will not become endangered or go extinct.

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