Kobe Bryant: Legacy of the Basketball King


Jiovanni Nikollobibaj thinking Kobe during gym class.

Michael Schlott and Lee Boedigheimer

Kobe Bryant, number 24 for the LA Lakers, sadly passed away January 26, 2020, from a Helicopter crash in Calabus, California. Although, West Middle School students do not have a connection Kobe personally, many of them morn his passing. 

We were wondering how Kobe’s death will affect the basketball community, so we asked a few people. 7th grader, Jiovanni Nikollbibaj states, “ It will affect big time, He was like a person to look up to for the rookies.”West  7th-grader Chase Harlin expresses, “He was an inspiration to all of the rookies and everyone.” 

 Harlin declares, “He was cool because during an interview he would be so calm and just be himself and answer truthfully.”  On the other hand, Nikollbibaj exclaims,” He was one of the best in the business.” We bet at least everyone has some opinions about Kobe. 

On February 24,  2020, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna will be remembered at a memorial at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. ( CBS News)


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