Coming Soon: West Band Concert March 16, 2020!


Fourth-hour 7th grade band is gearing up for the upcoming third quarter band concert.

Anna Gonzales, Reporter

The West band students are excitedly preparing for their third concert of the year on March 16th, 2020. It starts at 7:00 pm in the West gym, but the doors open at 6:45 pm. 6th grade plays first, then seventh grade, then eighth grade, saving the most advanced musicians for last. 

Mrs. Farmer, the band director shared additional information about the concert. This concert is a themeless concert so the band has more flexibility with the types of songs that can be played. Since it also falls the night before Saint Patrick’s day, Mrs. Farmer explained that “All three bands are doing one Irish song just out of respect to Saint Patrick’s day.”

All three of the bands have had exponential growth and progress between last semester and this one. As Mrs. Farmer elaborates, “The eighth-graders, I’m giving them music that is really fit for high school level players, and the seventh graders are stepping up to third-year material or getting close to that, and if it’s not third-year material, we’re playing at a tempo that steps up in the eighth-grade sort of expectations and the same goes for sixth graders who have a percussion section that’s part of the band now and their music is extremely, dramatically harder than what they played in the first semester.”

For transition music, there are usually a lot of piano players but this time around there will be much more variety. And this is mainly due to the solo and ensemble festival that happened around a month ago now, Mrs. Farmer amended this, “It’s mostly seventh graders this time because a lot of these kids just played for solo and ensemble and most of them did really well so we’re going to go with the ones who came back with huge success and the ones who played in a group with other students so they’re not left up there playing by themselves but two or maybe three kids playing.”

According to Farmer, “It looks like the kids are really having a good time with their music. So I think you’re going to see a lot of really happy kids in this concert. The music is pretty upbeat. Expect great energy and pretty satisfied kids. Hopefully, the audience is happy with that too.” Get ready for an exciting and fun night of music brought to you by the West bands and their director Mrs. Farmer!