Latest details on the PBIS parties


Logan Zhmendak

West Middle School’s PBIS card.

Logan Zhmendak and Owen Broker

West Middle School holds a quarterly PBIS party for students that have kept at least one PBIS card. The party’s purpose is to congratulate students that have followed West rules. Students have had to give up one of their cards to enjoy the party and not get an extra snack. The parties in the past have been a talent show, movie, choice party, and 60-second challenge. 

Mrs. Hedge West teacher stated the party for ¨3rd quarter is going to be the Talent Show, so you’ll get to see students and after the students perform there’s a dance-off with staff and kids.¨ Mrs. Hedge reflected ¨4th quarter last year we did let the kids choose I think 2 different things, but I don’t know what we are going to do.¨

Many students think there should be different parties used in the cycle. We felt that students should share their ideas for the PBIS party. We were informed by Mrs. Hedge that there is a Google form for students to fill out to share their idea for PBIS reward parties. ¨We do one in the spring, everybody will get one, and if you’ve got ideas; yeah, we’re always looking for ideas…¨

Many students feel that students with two or three cards should not have to pay to get into the PBIS party. Mrs. Hedge told us, ¨We used to do that but there should be some kids that only have one left like it should cost something to get in, and so that’s why we changed it to you have to pay one like an admission ticket to anything else ¨

The PBIS party has been a treat for all West students and we hope it will be that and much more in the coming years. All students will be sent a google form at the end of the year for ideas. Keep your ideas fresh and new and make the PBIS parties going.