What Is Next For Stranger Things?


Stranger Things Season 4 is postponed.

Stella Forte, Reporter

As we all know, the spread of Covid-19 has affected and shut down many things, such as restaurants, stores, and movie theaters. It has also shut down many T.V. show productions like Stranger things, delaying the new season premiere to possibly late next year.

The production of Stranger Things Season 4 came to a halt on March 16 right as the virus hit America. Aislinn Forte shares her thoughts about the production of Stranger Things being canceled, “When I found out that it was canceled, I was quite sad and I think everyone else that’s a fan of the show was too.” Jayden Thomas, a fan of Stranger Things, stated, “Booo! I understand why they would cancel it but I want it now!”  The release date for the new season of the show was never confirmed but there were many suspicions. Sadly, because of the virus, there is no telling when the new season could premiere.

For now, the season is under wraps but hopefully we will get some new news soon from the creators of Stranger things, Duffer Brothers. At the moment they just want everyone to be safe and stay healthy.

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