NJHS Induction Ceremony



Eric Early and Amare Horsley

200 new members will be inducted into West’s NJHS on Thursday, November 4, in the West gym. 

The ceremony will be taking place this Thursday in the West gym from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. 7th graders will be inducted first starting at 6:30 and going until 7:15. Then 8th graders will follow,  starting at 7:45 and going until 8:30. Doors will open for the 7th graders at 6:15 and for the 8th graders at 7:30. According to Mrs. Swift the co-NJHS leader/West counselor, “The purpose of the ceremony is to recognize the current 8th-grade members and all of their hard work and to officially welcome in the new 7th and 8th-grade NJHS members.” There will be a practice ceremony beforehand at 7:45 AM before school on Thursday.

The number of inductees this year is “right around 200” Mrs. Swift stated, “in order to even apply, you have to have had a 3.5-grade point average, (GPA) all last year.” She also stated, “We will be recognizing current 8th-grade members and we are welcoming new 7th grade members.” After submission of their application, it is reviewed by a committee who is made up of  ‘Mrs. Farmer, Mr. Smiley’ and Mrs. Swift.

NJHS is the junior version of the National Honor Society, (NHS) which is for the high schools. According to Mrs. Swift, the reason kids want to be in NJHS is, “Some of it is their parents want them to be in it. And I think because it’s a club that promotes community service and leadership.” 

Mrs. Swift wanted to add, ‘I think it is important for students to know that NJHS is not just a west club, it is a national organization, we have a chapter of NJHS at every middle school in the district.”