PBIS Card Rewards!


A West Student green card.

 The end of the semester is today. The annual PBIS card rewards will take place at West Middle School on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2021. When we have this celebration, we will have a 45-minute Primetime. We will be playing a game of “Price is Right” in the cafeteria for a chance to win prizes chosen by the students. When you are going to Primetime, you will need to bring your green cards to purchase snacks given to you by your Primetime teacher. “We would normally be having it in the cafeteria, but because of COVID, you will be zooming in in your Primetime class.” This celebrates the end of the quarter and allows the teachers to congratulate the students on their good choices. Obviously, during this event, there will be some people without green cards. If you have zero green cards, you will not be able to participate in the game and will have to serve lunch detention led by Mrs. Kulczycki. 

The funds for this event are paid for by all the donations that they get every year, like the holiday gift shop or grant money that they get from Wayne County. Make sure you are aware of the events so you are ready to participate!