WMS NJHS & Student Council Sponsoring Cereal Drive For Gleaners Food Bank


The Gleaners cereal boxes in the Hallway between the counseling center and the media center.

Eric Early, Reporter

Starting on Monday, November 29th through Friday, December 17th, The West Student Council along with NJHS will be sponsoring a cereal drive to benefit Gleaner’s Food Bank. Students are encouraged to bring in boxes of cereal starting Monday, at the end, the Primetime class with the most boxes of cereal will earn a cereal and milk treat. 

Keshav Desaraju, the West student council treasurer, stated, “The cereal goes to the Gleaner’s Food Drive, which gives the food to people who are in need.” He also stated, “I think a lot, [of cereal] will be donated, students and teachers at West are pretty competitive about stuff like this.”

Keshav said that “students should only bring in regular size boxes, do not bring in the big boxes Cosco boxes or the small serving size boxes, the big ones will only be counted as one box, and the little ones might not even be counted.” Along with that, Keshav Stated that “students should drop off their cereal at the boxes in the hallway between the counseling center and the media center.” He also stated, there will be boxes there with primetime teachers’ names on them, students should put the cereal in their teachers’ box.”

“If you want to know how much cereal your box has then every Friday, on the morning announcements, the classes in the lead will be announced,” Keshav told me.