Snow Day Or Not? What Determines A Snow Day?


Eric Early, Reporter

Snow Days are most likely going to happen, but how do PCCS administrators decide rather or not a snow day will happen? Most students don’t know the school closure guidelines set by the district however I am here to explain them to you.

According to the West 12/03/21 e-Bulletin, “The most important factor in determining whether or not we have school is the safety of our students.” The e-Bulletin also stated, “This includes making sure we have the ability to transport students to school using bussing, that students who walk to school can do so safely, and so students can safely travel between buildings during the school day at P-CEP. (The high schools)”

The important decision is made by the superintendent of PCCS Monica Merrit, however, the e-Bulletin also states that “The decision to close school is made using expert information from many sources including a professional meteorologist, local safety officials, neighboring districts, internal maintenance staff, transportation services and by administrators actually going outside and driving the roads.”

As a cold-weather temperature guideline, P-CCS uses a wind chill of -20 degrees or colder as a point of consideration to cancel school, as according to the e-Bulletin, “Medical research proves that frostbite can set in if a person is exposed to this temperature for 15 or more minutes.” However, the e-Bulletin also states, “That wind chill threshold is a starting point, but the timing of the temperature, how much the temperature is related to wind, and the duration of the cold temperatures are all considered as well.”

According to the e-Bulletin, if you want to know whether or not the school has been canceled, “The quickest and easiest way to learn about the closings will be through our robocall system.” It also states, “School closing announcements are also available via the official P-CCS website at, on the official P-CCS Twitter and Facebook sites, and through local television and radio media outlets.”

For more information please visit the 12/03/21 e-Bulletin at,