The Annual Elves Breakfast took place this morning, December 15th.


Mrs. Lawson received this baby for being the newest West teacher.

Eric Early, Casey Dergis, and Henry Kuhns

If you walked by the Collaboration Station on the morning of Wednesday, December 15, 2021, you might’ve seen pancakes being made for teachers. This was for the annual Elves Breakfast for the teachers.

According to Mr. Wooster, an 8th-grade teacher at West and the leader of the Elves Breakfast, “Basically, the male teachers will put on a breakfast for all of the female teachers.” Mr. Wooster also stated that at this breakfast, “They’ll make pancakes, they’ll have sausage, orange juice, coffee, you know, just a nice little social activity to say, ‘Thank you for all you do at West.’”

We also want to say thank you to all of the teachers at West and have a great holiday break, everyone!