Bus Rotation, Is Your Bus Route Affected?

Natalie Basista, Reporter

On January 10th, 2022 certain bus routes are to be suspended, and some are going to be reinstated.

The reason behind these suspensions and reinstations is to make them “more predictable and fair” says the district. Every two weeks the routes will switch. Certain bus routes that had been suspended, will come back and remain for the rest of the year, being unaffected from the rotating bus cycle.

12 routes will be suspended every 2 weeks. The P-CCS district communicated to families via email, “While we are not able to guarantee there won’t be additional suspensions/rotations of routes due to unexpected circumstances, the goal is to significantly reduce the frequency of last-minute suspensions or significant delays. This will provide more timely notice of scheduled route suspensions so that alternative plans can be made.”

Isabella Rushlow, A West 7th Grader discusses the bus rotation. “My bus got canceled, and I will get it back for two weeks[on Monday]! I miss seeing my friends on the bus.”

This bus rotation has pros and cons. A pro for some could be a way to get home in the cold. A con could be when someone’s bus route is temporarily suspended they have to get home in the cold.