New precautions in the lunchroom due to the rapid spread of the new variant Omicron

Amare Horsley, Reporter

If you have recently walked into the West Middle School lunchroom feels like an empty room when students walk into the lunchroom. The feeling is a lot quieter compared to when it was 3 feet apart in the lunchroom.

West Middle students are having to sit 6ft apart from each other in the lunchroom. This is due to students having to take their masks off to eat. COVID spreads easier when people are not wearing their masks.

Henry Kuhns reflects on the new lunchroom rules, ’’It’s different because you feel like you have to rush to the lunchroom to get a seat next to your friends because of the shortage of seats. It’s also different when trying to talk to your friends. You almost feel like you have to yell for them to hear you compared to when students were sitting 3 feet away from each other. ‘’