West Middle School student share their childhood fictional crushes.

By Shaelie Nadon

Shaelie Nadon

By Shaelie Nadon

Shaelie Nadon, Journalism student

When you were younger, you probably had a favorite fictional character. You probably drew that character, bought merch of that character, and overall treated that character as your favorite character. 

But what if I told you that some people might’ve had a crush on that character? What if they didn’t realize it was a crush until later on? What if that person…is you? Here is a person who was brave enough to share their childhood fictional crushes! Maybe you might’ve had a crush on one of them! Who knows! 

Thea Sheridan, West 7th grader, also has had fictional crushes,  “Ohh, here’s the thing, I’ve had a lot of childhood crushes…I didn’t know it was a crush at the time, but probably Elsa.” 

I asked Thea if Elsa made her question some things about herself. “This is kinda like a unique experience, just, cause, y’know, like being a lesbian. But, I had a lot of crushes that I didn’t realize were crushes. Until I realized, like, oh, I’m attracted to girls.” 

We might be attracted to fictional characters because we can relate to them, we like their personality, or simply because we find their character design attractive. Tons of people have fictional crushes, and that just makes us different, and that’s good.