Mrs. Bazzi Does Ship the Chip PBL Project For Her Students


Graham pirrie


Graham Pirrie, Reporter

The PBL teacher, Mrs. Bazzi is doing a project for her students titled “Ship the Chip” project and is doing it all throughout this week for her PBL students. 

This project is a packaging system for a pringles chip to see if it would crack if they shipped it across town. Which is a creative idea to get the students thinking. “It’s not just an assignment with reading and writing, It’s hands-on”.

According to Mrs. Bazzi, She says she does this project because “The reason we do this is to help them, So the first thing we have to do is problem-solve”. “The other thing is it forces them to work together and solve the problem”. “There is also a sense of achievement when the chip comes back”.

Mrs. Bazzi has been doing this project for six years and will probably continue to do it for the coming years. 

Overall, I really like this project because I did it myself this year and I thought it was really fun! I hope I can do more things like this if I have the PBL elective in the future.