The lost and found is an overflowing mess!


Matthew Falkenberg, Reporter

The lost and found is an overflowing mess!

There are coats and water bottles and everything you could think of!

If you think you lost some things in the lost and found go look at the lost and found which is located outside of the front office. 


I sat down with one of West’s very own Devin DeJonge to talk about the matter. 


He personally has lost things like a Gatorade water bottle. He talked about how the lost and found makes it easier to find things you have lost. He also stated, “I have noticed the lost and found has been overflowing because it is piling up on the ground.” His water bottle had his name on it so it made it easier to find. I personally have not heard many students talking about the matter so it may be important to talk to your friends who have lost things.


The school has talked about the items being donated or distributed by the end of the school year. This may be an issue for students who have things in the lost and found so that is why the school is encouraged to get your things. 


Most of the things in the lost and found are winter items but not all of them. Some t-shirts and other summer items are in ther waiting to be picked up for the summer.

So if you think you may have something in the lost and found go take a peek at the front offices lost and found.