Ukrainian 7th Grader Starts New Life In Miami


Zoriana Popadiuk who immigrated to Miami, Florida.

Dian Artemieva, Reporter

This is a story about Zoriana’s immigration from Ukraine to Miami.

The war in Ukraine started on February 24, 2022. Russian people are still bombing Ukraine even now. Around 100.000 people died in one city in Ukraine and there is no information on how many people have died in total since the war started.

Zoriana Popadiuk immigrated from Ukraine to live with her stepfather two years ago. In her interview, she shares about her life in Miami and the differences in schools.


What are the differences between Ukrainian and Miami schools? 

The differences are pretty big, the main difference is that in Ukraine we had more lessons and a ton of homework. Also, we had strict teachers who didn’t care about our thoughts.


Did you ever change schools?

Yes, I did, when I just immigrated, I went to school from 5th till 6th grade. Then a went to “Calendar Academic” which is middle and high school. It  is a really big school with 7 floors 

And what is the best about your school? 

My school gives me a lot of opportunities that I actually didn’t have before.

What subjects do you have?

I have math, since, social studies, art, technology, and TV production.

How did you learn English so fast?

I honestly did expect to move here. When I just moved I didn’t know English but everybody around me talked in English so I listened to conversations, I tried to understand them, and if I didn’t know something I translated it. So that is how I learned it.

Where do you like more, Ukraine or Miami?

That is a hard question. I actually like them the same.

What do you miss the most?

I miss my dad and, my friends, I also miss the whole country.

What did you not miss for sure?

Right now, the war. I don’t miss it, I don’t like it and I hate it.

Do you like your life in Miami?

Yes, I do! It is really nice here and I love it.