It’s not too late to try a new sport!


Kamryn Rocha and Elaina Barber

Have you ever considered switching sports? Maybe you’ve wanted to try a new sport? Whether it is competitive, non-competitive, or even just for fun, you can always find a new hobby; Even if you have never played a sport, you can always try something new! We discovered that most west students don’t have similar sports, here are a few students interests.

7th grader, Leila Gatmaitan, “I do gymnastics and I’ve been doing it for 10 years. I practice at Michigan Academy of Gymnastics (MAG). I like gymnastics because I get to do it with my friends and it’s really fun to do.”

7th grader, Hannah Davis, “I play soccer for Plymouth Reign. I like soccer because it keeps me active and I like doing it with my friends. I have been playing for 8 years. 

7th grader, Aynsley Radomski, talks about her sport. “I play soccer and I like it because I have been playing soccer for several years. I have been playing since kindergarten. I played for the Warriors with a few of my friends but then my coach left and I went to Plymouth reign.”

Science teacher, Mr. Majszak, plays ice hockey and golf. In his words, “I’ve played ice hockey my whole life and it’s an excuse to hang out with my friends. I can hang out on a Tuesday night with guys I’ve known for my whole life. Golf is a great summer hobby because I do the same thing. I get out there and get in the sun and it’s fun because both of them are very challenging And still keep me active.”

7th grader, Benly Alley, plays basketball and baseball. I play basketball because I like running and I play baseball because he likes to play with his friends. I’ve been playing baseball for 6 years and basketball for 2 years. I play for ‘The Kings’ in basketball and I play for ‘The Boston Redsox’.

Hopefully this article inspired you to try a new sport! If you play a sport, comment what sport you play below! If not, what sport would you like to play?