Outer Banks Season 3 has mixed reviews!


Elaina Barber and Kamryn Rocha

As you know, the new season of Outer Banks came out on February 23rd. Many People have mixed feelings about the new season, because they feel Outer Banks shouldn’t have gotten drug out as long as it has, and because season 3 was repetitive. We asked a few WMS students to see what they think of the new season.

Brianna, 7th grader, states her opinion on season 3 of Outer Banks, “I think it was okay, the one thing I really didn’t like was the fact that Sarah Cameron cheated on John B with Topper. Then when Topper found out she was back with John B, he burnt king John B’s house down; Literally what the heck!? It was the worst season ever and JJ needs a haircut. Also, Rafe looks better with his buzzcut. My favorite part of the season was when JJ and Kiara kissed. Jiara forever.”

Ava, 7th grader, says, “ I haven’t finished the new season yet, but so far it is kind of boring because it isn’t what I thought it would be like. I think that they could have added more action and definitely more Rafe scenes. I think it was just boring because they were just doing the same thing over and over.”

Elliot, 6th grader, says ,“My favorite season was probably the second, the 3rd season was still good and it was a lot better that Sarah had more time. They could have had a better plot and dressed the characters’ outfits cuter. I also hated how Pope and Cleo got together at the end. I just don’t think that they make a good couple together. ”

Sam, 6th grader, states, “I liked the new season a lot, I don’t think it was as good as the first and second season but it definitely was good. I think they should have added more of a plot because most people got bored of it and only watched because of the relationships. ”

As you can see, people have very different opinions about the new season. Have you seen it? If so, tell us what you think!