Should WMS have a soccer team?

Elaina Barber and Kamryn Rocha

Do you play volleyball or basketball? If so, I’m sure you must be happy that you’re school has these sports teams. Many West Middle School students play soccer, and enough people would be able to play on a West team, which leads many people to the same question; why isn’t there a West soccer team?

Mr. Wells, WMS coach and teacher, states “I think we don’t have a soccer team because of the vast amount of teams and travel programs in the Plymouth-Canton area. Since the Canton Cup we have done a great job of cultivating the high level of soccer programs and so if we were to add it to a middle school sport I don’t think you’d see what you want to see in a talent pool because of the fact all of them play elsewhere. When you talk about fields and just the cost of a referee and team insurance the amount of money needed to spend on just one team would add up really fast.”

Harry, West 7th grader says, “I want West to have a soccer team because I play soccer and I also think it would be more entertaining for people to watch more than just 2 sports. Soccer season is also during the spring and I think it would be good for students to watch outside when the weather is nice.”

Antonio, West 7th grader, also thinks West should have a soccer team, “I think West should have a soccer team since it is more entertaining. West also offers only 1 sport for boys [an all boy team that does not practice with girls] which is basketball which I think is unfair because girls get volleyball and basketball.”

West currently offers 5 sports: Track and field, wrestling, volleyball, swimming, and basketball. Although boys can do 4 of these sports, only 1 of them is an all boys team and that sport is basketball. Track and field, wrestling, and swimming is an all gender sport meaning everybody can play, and they practice at the same time. Most boys find this unfair because girls get offered one extra sport.

Tessa, West 7th grader, has a different opinion, “I think West shouldn’t have a soccer team because a lot of people already play for Plymouth Reign or DCFC and I think people wouldn’t be able to play. I would like to have the opportunity to play for a school team, but I probably wouldn’t be able to because I already have a lot of soccer after school.” West does have many soccer players, but all of their time is constantly taken up by their club team. This means that if WMS were to have a soccer team, most players wouldn’t be able to play for West.  However, this would open up more opportunities for kids wanting to play but haven’t tried. 

Hannah, West 7th grader, wants a soccer team, “ I think it would be fun to have a soccer team because it opens up more opportunities for other people to try a new sport. A lot of people play soccer and I think that a lot of students would try out. It also gives an opportunity for West to have a better name because they could win more trophies and stuff.”

Many people play soccer, but they play for other teams. Maybe West could work around the schedule? Or maybe not. Do you think we should have a soccer team?