What is the SJ5K?


Ryan Ritchey and Alex Sarkesian

The SJ5K is on Sunday May 7th. The SJ5K officially starts at 8:15 am with runners starting first then the walkers. The annual ceremony of honoring the different families will begin at 8:00 am.

The event will be hosted at Canton Varsity Football Field at Plymouth-Canton Educational Park. The SJ5K is 5.1 kilometers long and you can either run or walk it.

You might be wondering, “How do I register?” Well to register you just have to go to Register Link. The price of registering costs 25 dollars, and even if you don’t want to run, there are other ways to support the families involved in the SJ5K. You can still support by donating or showing your support by dressing up for West’s spirit week.

There is no official time you have to finish the SJ5K, however you can still see how long it took you to finish due to the fact there is a clock at the start and finish of the race. Participants of the race can park in either the Canton or Salem Parking Lot or bus loop. You are allowed to bring strollers to the race but are not allowed to bring dogs.

The SJ5K is a great way to help out other families that are going through a hard time. Leave a comment below what you think about SJ5K.