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Popular Gifts Received This Holiday Season

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Hoverboards: These are one of the most popular gifts people got this holiday. When asked, Mira Vulaj ( A 7th grader at West ) she states, “I thought Hoverboards were pretty cool and I wanted one just to play with it and ride around with it”. It’s no doubt that hoverboards are fun, It is a self Balancing scooter!

Gift Cards: What’s a holiday without gift cards? If you don’t know what to buy someone, get them a gift card! When asked, Isaac Boal ( A 7th grader a West ) states, “I wanted gift cards this holiday because I like buying stuff. The gift cards were from Target and it had $25 on it! When I opened the Gift Cards, I was really Happy.”

Shoes and Clothes: It’s always cool to get new clothes before the new year begins. In fact, when asked, Kyle Pierson( A 7th grader at West ) states, “ I was happy when I got my new shoes because I really needed a new pair. It felt pretty lit when I opened my new pair of shoes because they were from Nike.”

Video Games: You can never go a day without playing at least 1 game on your Xbox or your Phone. When asked, Mason Sokolowski (A 7th grader at West) states. “It was really exciting to find out one of my presents was a PS4 gaming Station. I really wanted a PS4 because all of my friends have one and I like to play video games every once in a while.”

Jewelry: Last but not least, jewelry is a pretty popular gift to ask for. Some types of jewelry to ask for are bracelets, earrings, charms, and necklaces. One of the most popular brands is probably Pandora.


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Popular Gifts Received This Holiday Season